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The truffle market's web page built by users!

I Purchase truffle (published in 14/06/2019) from Luca
I Purchase


Source location: Firenze (FI)

Amount: 1 kg
Price: 70 €/kg

I Sell truffle (published in 10/06/2019) from Patrizio
I Sell


Source location: Campobasso (CB)

Amount: 1 kg
Price: 70 €/kg

I Sell truffle (published in 27/05/2019) from Carlo Tartufi
I Sell


Amount: 1 kg
Price: 80 €/kg
Other: Scorzone d ...

I Purchase truffle (published in 27/05/2019) from GATTA TRUFFLES
I Purchase

Black Truffle, Winter Truffle, Summer, Burgundy, Bianchetto, White, Moscato, Ordinary

Source location: Bagnoli Irpino (AV)

Other: Cercasi ca ...

I Sell truffle (published in 18/05/2019) from luigi
I Sell


Buy/Sell location: Calvera (PZ)
Source location: Calvera (PZ)

Amount: 1 kg
Price: 150 €/kg

I Sell truffle (published in 11/04/2019) from Francesco Daraia
I Sell


Source location: Oliveto Lucano (MT)

Amount: 3 kg
Price: 80 €/kg
Other: Tartufo ne ...

I Sell truffle (published in 27/03/2019) from Mario Cusano
I Sell


Source location: Carinola (CE)

Amount: 1 kg
Price: 130 €/kg
Other: Vendo tart ...

I Sell truffle (published in 05/03/2019) from Giuseppe Giuliano
I Sell


Source location: Troina (EN)

Amount: 2 kg
Price: 160 €/kg
Other: Vendo bian ...

I Sell truffle (published in 11/01/2019) from Meccigiovanni
I Sell


Buy/Sell location: Carsoli (AQ)
Source location: Agosta (RM)

Amount: 100 kg
Price: 17 €/kg
Other: Ottimo tar ...

I Purchase truffle (published in 07/01/2019) from Giorgia Cappella
I Purchase

Black Truffle, Winter Truffle, Summer, Burgundy, White

Buy/Sell location: Lazio
Source location: Umbria

Amount: 40 kg
Price: 0.2 €/kg
Other: Salve, per ...

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