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The prices are an elaboration of the reports made by registered users. The amounts listed correspond to the arithmetic average of the prices reported by users divided by type of truffle, size and geographical location.

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#LocationProduct TypeSizeAverage priceYearUpdated At
1L'Aquila SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201804/11/2018
2Judetul Neamt SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201911/09/2019
3Pavia SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201913/07/2019
4Campobasso OrdinaryAllxxxxx €/kg201910/07/2019
5Molise OrdinaryAllxxxxx €/kg201910/07/2019
6Varzi SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201908/07/2019
7Lombardia WhiteAllxxxxx €/kg201827/12/2018
8Milzano WhiteAllxxxxx €/kg201827/12/2018
9Lombardia SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201913/07/2019
10Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201922/07/2019
11Municipiul Piatra-Neamt SummerAllxxxxx €/kg201911/09/2019
12Lazio OrdinaryAllxxxxx €/kg201922/09/2019
13Toscana BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201809/11/2018
14Aulla BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201809/11/2018
15Bojano WhiteAllxxxxx €/kg201904/10/2019
16Molise WhiteAllxxxxx €/kg201904/10/2019
17Bergamo BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201902/10/2019
18Lombardia BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201902/10/2019
19Monticelli d'Ongina BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201902/10/2019
20Emilia-Romagna BurgundyAllxxxxx €/kg201902/10/2019